5ive: Kings Court Reviewer Preview!

We have completed our selection of Pre-Release Reviewers for this edition of 5ive, and we want to thank all of you for your interest and support!  We’re keeping the form active as we hope to create additional variations of 5ive, and may need your assistance in the future!

Thanks – and keep playing more games!

We’re very proud of 5ive, and we think that 5ive: King’s Court is a great game, but we want you to have the chance to experience it for yourself before we start our Kickstarter in the new year!

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Those selected will get a numbered pre-production limited edition set (in other words – almost a one of a kind) and the opportunity to be one of the first to play 5ive outside of our development and play-testing team!

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    What is 5ive: Kings Court

    5ive is a set-building game where players take turns attempting to foil the plans of their rivals, which completing their own royal court.


    Players compete to complete a set of all 5ive card types by completing each of five actions. Every action will impact another player, so strategy is critical. A simple error in judgement could prevent you from completing your Court, allowing another player to take control and win the game!

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    The King's Court
    5ive: Kings Court Reviewer Preview! December 5, 2016