Do you ship internationally?

Well, at the moment, we’re not shipping at all, but we will be shipping internationally after our kickstarter. Shipping outside of North America may however be subject to additional shipping charges unless we are able to secure a partner that can help us with fulfillment cost-effectively.

Is this game Kid-Friendly?

The core deck is kid-friendly.

When do you expect to ship the game?

June, 2017.

How many players does 5ive support?

Well, the deck is a standard poker size card deck, so I suppose if you have very small feet, three or four of you could stand on the deck at the same time. If you mean how many players can play 5ive at once – we recommend 2-4 players. If you’re having trouble with the people at your table, two-by-four’ing your rivals is not recommended.

How long is each round?

Generally games will resolve in 5-15 minutes depending on the players.

Are there any surprises in the box?

Maybe. Maybe not. We can say however, there are a few surprises in the deck artwork though – unless you’re a cat owner.

HandAre you with Media or are you a Buyer or Reviewer?

Contact us with any of your questions. Email contact@5ivegames.com