How To Play 5ive: King’s Court

4 Player 5iveNote: These are the first edition rules, and language may change during the final production of the game, however the core rules will not. A clarification: “Destroy” kills a member of the court, sending it to the discard pile and Multiple members of the court can be played ‘stacking’ them on the Court.  A ‘Destroy’ only kills one card at a time.

Downloadable Rules

Download and print (8 1/2″ x 11″ Letter format) Last updated: MAR 23, 2017

5ive: Kings Court Complete Rules (English)

5ive: KingsCourt Complete Rules (Dutch) [Nederlandse Vertaling door Kolja van der Vaart]

5ive: Kings Court Complete Rules (Spanish / Español)

5ive: Kings Court Complete Rules (German / Deutsche)

5ive: Kings Court Complete Rules (French / Français)

The Basics of 5ive: King’s Court

The following are the ‘basic’ rules, however, we recommend downloading the complete rules (above) in the language of your choice.

The Objective:

Win the game by filling the King’s Court on your playing space (the ‘Court’) by successfully having at least one of each of the King’s Court (King, Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook) on your Court at the same time.

The Court:

The Court represents a space in front of a player where they will attempt to build the King’s Court, successfully playing at least one of each of the 5ive (5) ’Action Cards’ required to win the game. It is however totally fine to have multiples of any card on the Court but you must have at least one of each Action Card on the Court at the same time to win the game.

The Deck:

The deck contains (55) Action Cards, each representing one of the 5 members of the King’s Court. Each member of the court can perform a specific action described in ‘Card Actions’.

The Discard Pile:

Cards removed from the Court or discarded from the Hand will be sent to the discard pile. When the deck is empty, the discard pile will be reshuffled and replace the deck . Until this occurs, the discard pile may be viewed at any time by any player. Once the discard pile has been shuffled into the deck , cards cannot be recovered unless part of the new discard pile . You may still play the “Recover” Action Card but you will not be able to recover a card from the discard pile.

The Hand:

Hands are awesome! They live at the end of your arms and do all sorts of super stuff, like hold your Action Cards as outlined in the gameplay! Players start with 4 cards, and there is no limit on the number of cards that can be held by a player during play.

Setup and Gameplay:

Fully shuffle the deck, and deal each player four (4) cards face down. The remaining cards will be placed in the centre of the playing area as the deck players will draw from. Flip the top card of the deck to form the discard pile

The first player to successfully populate their Court with at least one of each member; The King, Queen, Bishop, Knight and Rook – forming the “King’s Court” at the same time is the winner. (See Elimination)

The Turn:

The Players will select the first to act by rolling a die (supplied
with some sets), flipping a coin, or tipping a cow. Play will
advance in a clockwise order.

A player’s turn consists of:

  1. Drawing a card
  2. Pass the turn to the next player – or – Play a card by announcing the action type and a player if needed. (ie: “Discard Chris!” or “Recovering that block card!”. Resolve the play by allowing other players to ‘block’ the action with a ‘Block’ card (see card types). Each player at the table moving clockwise is given the opportunity to block.
    • a) If blocked, the card is discarded and the turn ends.
    • b) If not blocked, the card’s action is performed, and the card is placed on the Court in front of you completing your turn.
  3. After resolving the action, play moves to the next player.

There are five action cards:

Draw, Discard, Block, Recover and Destroy. When played, and if not blocked; the Action card is placed on the Court . You may play an action card even if there are no cards to recover, destroy, or discard. In that case the card enters the Court and no action happens. If there are no cards to draw the discard pile will be shuffled and converted into a draw pile before the turn begins.

iconset-blockBLOCK – The Rook:
The Block card has two methods of play.
(1) When played on your active turn, you will announce the desire to place the card on your Court. If not blocked by another player, place the card on your Court and your turn ends.
(2) When another player announces their intent to play a card, you may Block that player by announcing “Block”, and presenting both a Block card and a card matching their announced card. All three cards will be placed in the discard pile and the turn ends.
iconset-drawDRAW – The King:
When played, the Draw card allows a player to take another card from the deck. If not blocked, place the ‘Draw’ card on your Court and draw a card from the deck placing it in your hand and the turn ends.
DISCARD – The Queen:
Announce “Discard” and identify the player who will be required to discard one card from their hand. If not blocked, place the ‘Discard’ card on the Court. The targeted player places a card from their hand into the discard pile and the turn ends. If the target has no cards to discard or you choose not to target a player, you may still play to build your Court, the card is placed on the Court and the turn ends.
DESTROY – The Knight:
Announce “Destroy” and identify the player and specific card (if any) on their Court that will be destroyed. If not blocked, the specified card (if any) will be moved to the discard pile, and you may place the ‘Destroy’ card on your Court ending the turn.
RECOVER – The Bishop:
Announce “Recover” and the card you intend to recover from the Discard pile. If not blocked, place the ‘Recover’ card on your Court and recover the announced card from the discard pile, return it to your hand and the turn ends. If there are no cards to recover or you do not wish to recover a card you may still play it to your Court and the turn ends.


When a player has attempted to put their final action card type into play, the next player in sequence must Block it to avoid elimination . If a player is eliminated in this situation, the player after them now has the opportunity to Block the active player to keep themselves from elimination. When any player(s) are eliminated, and another player successfully blocks the fifth Action card the eliminated player(s) cards are shuffled back into the deck before the next turn. Once all opponents have been eliminated the player who played their 5ifth action card wins!

Game Credits

Original Concept & Mechanics by Luke Wilkinson
Writing & Development by Greg Scratchley
Artwork & Card Designs by James Rozak
Produced by David Papp
Published by GameStax

Copyright © 2016 Microtek Corporation
Optional Expansion (x1) © 2017 Microtek Corporation