Rules Variations

Though we’ve done our best to devise a set of rules that is consistent and playable – many of our players have suggested variations to those rules.  The most interesting of those variations will appear here.

We do recommend that you start your journey with 5ive using the standard rules but if you’re looking to add some competitive flair, or make the game a little easier, these modifications (submitter by play testers and our friends) can be tried at your leisure.

The Genghis Khan

  • 4-Player Variation
  • Total wipe-out

If a player attempts to complete the game by playing a 5th card to the board, if ANY player is able to block, all players remain in play, without elimination.


  • Attacker block
  • 5 card play
  • Challenge-Deny mechanic

On any play blocked by an opponent, the ‘attacker’ or active player may ‘Block a Block’ by providing a Block / Action combination nullifying an opposing block. The two ‘Block’ cards, and two ‘Action’ cards will be discarded, and the active player may still play his card to the board, however the action will not be completed.

IE: Player 1 plays “Destroy” on Player 3.   Player 2 blocks with “Block” and “Destroy”.  Player 1 denies the block with another “Block” and “Destroy”.   Other players still have block opportunity (in sequence).  If unblocked by yet another player, the action “Destroy” will take place as intended.

Change of Plans

  • Order of Play change

Instead of drawing your card each play at the beginning of your turn, take your card as the final action in your turn.  You must wait until your next turn to use the card.

Almost there!

Double Trouble

  • Player count change
  • Randomization

For games with 5 or more people, try a 2 deck game – with 22 of each card, we can’t guarantee that it will still math – and it might prove even more challenging…

Master of Cards

  • Mechanic Change
  • Leverage

You may draw one card for each ‘Draw’ played concurrently.  IE: Play one ‘Draw’ card, collect 1 card.  Play found 4 ‘Draw’ cards (at once) and draw four.   This action constitutes your ONE permitted action, and your turn will end.   Only ONE draw card can be placed on your board. Additional ‘Draw’ cards will be placed in the discard pile.

No choice

  • Mechanic Change
  • Randomization

When playing the ‘Discard’, and if not blocked, the active player selects (without seeing) a card from the targets hand to be discarded, in place of the target ‘choosing’ their own card for Discard.

Settlers of the Kingdom

  • Mechanic Change
  • Strategy

On a players turn, they may exchange 3 (three) of any single card type in their hand, with 1 (one) card from the discard pile. Like in other popular games, treating any member of the court as a resource changes the strategy greatly!