We’re pretty excited about getting 5ive into your Gaming experience – but we’re biased.  It is of course the greatest game ever invented (#justsaying) and there is no reason to play any other game ever (Ok. we haven’t even convinced ourselves of that one.)

What should matter however, is that other people have played 5ive: King’s Court, and perhaps their experience will convince you to give it a shot!

Occasionally – we’ll release variations or samples for reviewers.  If you’d like to be considered – please visit our Reviewer Sign-up / Pre-release list.  No promises though.

Kickin’ it with Meg

Kicking it with Meg -

“I also really love the art and design of the game. The colours are vibrant and appealing, and the text is just the perfect size to maintain readability without obscuring the super cute art. Overall, this is a solid, light game with a lot of good intro qualities for kids. It will be a fun game for the family and a nice light game to add your collection.”

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5ive is a cute game with some fun potential, though it’s geared toward those who prefer casual games with light strategy: deeper than, say, Uno, but not one that will tax your brain too much. ”

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IgKnight’s Games Review

“this is a fun little game that you can whip out, teach just about anyone in under 5 minutes, and play twice in a 1/2 hour or less.”

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MapleMeeple Review!

“a nifty little ‘take that’ card game that plays quickly, and is a ton of fun.”

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“…an easy game to get into with simple concept that lets you start playing without having to learn tons of stuff…” – K.N.

“It’s fun, quick and easy to get into” – F.S

“…the simplicity, quickness, and size of this game make it a hit for those times you want something fast and not much thinking…” – G.

“Overall everyone found it a fun game to play. Its quick and easy and you can play multiple games in a short time period.” – K.N.

“we really enjoyed the game and can see it being played in the future camping or as a light filler while waiting for other friends to show up to game. Nice job!!” – M.I.